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Metamask Wallet Extension | Bolster protection of your crypto assets

Bolster protection of your crypto assets using Metamask Wallet Extension security settings. Site permissions allow you to customize account access down to the dApp level.
Metamask Wallet Extension


As cryptocurrencies gain wider adoption, effectively securing your digital assets is crucial. Metamask provides granular site access controls to bolster protection of your holdings within the browser environment.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto wallet and gateway to decentralized apps that allows you to securely interact with the Ethereum blockchain right from your browser. It injects the Ethereum web3 API into browsers.

Bolster Security with Site Permissions

Metamask enables you to customize site access permissions to safeguard assets:
  • Granular dApp permissioning - Approve or deny access on a per dApp basis.
  • Selective blockchain exposure - Only expose your wallet to trusted sites and apps.
  • Protection against malicious sites - Block unwanted sites from interacting with your wallet.
  • Peace of mind for high-risk actions - Strictly allow access only when needed for added safety.
  • Limit 3rd party connectivity - Reduce outside risk by minimizing integration.

Take Control of Your Security

With Metamask's advanced site controls, you can proactively manage permissions to bolster protection of your crypto holdings within the decentralized web.


Metamask login empowers users to take security into their own hands through customizable site access settings that enable true selectivity over wallet exposure.
Last modified 3mo ago